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Deluxe Nursing Kit

Deluxe Nursing Kit

$ 574.00

The Deluxe Nursing Kit features a combination of both basic and advanced moulage kits is the perfect way to get started in building medical moulage injuries in your simulation suite. Includes the essentials needed to create basic, intermediate and advanced (medical, trauma, obstetrics and triage) moulage designs as shown in "Medical Moulage- How to Make Your Simulations Come Alive" training book. Diabetic foot ulcers, surgical incisions, infiltrated IV's, rashes, cyanosis, blisters and pus are just a few of the medical conditions you can create using this deluxe moulage kit, (and if that wasn't enough to engage your participants), we have also included our SIM-Safe Series of vomitus, *coffee ground emesis, *pus, *secretions, *feces, *bile, *plus "customize your own" options that can be altered to meet your training needs! All of our professional make-up products and tools come packed in a sturdy carrying case for use in the simulation suite.

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