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Practi-Anatomical Templates™ (Color)

Practi-Anatomical Templates™ (Color)

$ 19.95

Wallcur is now offering the colorful Practi-Anatomical Templates for the large Practi-Injecta Pad®. In addition to the standard Practi-Anatomical templates, these color templates provide a more realistic simulation with better visualization of landmark identification and why correct injection technique must be mastered.

Each anatomical template overlays the surface area of the standard 7"x7" Practi-Injecta Pad® allowing for quick visualization and realistic needle placement. Students in nursing, pharmacy, EMT, medical corps, and medical assisting programs can practice countless needle stick injections independently.

  • The 6 interchangeable Practi-Anatomical Templates include:
    • Ventrogluteal
    • Deltoid
    • Posterior Upper Arm
    • Anterior Thigh
    • Posterior Thigh
    • Abdominal

    The Practi-Anatomical Templates are ideal for your laboratory simulation classes, or for individual student kits.

    For simulation practice only.

    *Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final.

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