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Practi-Mini Injecta Pad™ Injection Simulator - Set of 2

Practi-Mini Injecta Pad™ Injection Simulator - Set of 2

$ 149.95

Teach a variety of injection techniques using just one innovative simulation aid. Wallcur’s Practi-Mini Injecta Pad™ is a more compact (smaller and lighter weight) version of the original Practi-Injecta Pad®.

This compact injection simulator is perfect to include in individual skills packs for students of nursing, EMT, and other allied health classes. With Practi-Mini Injecta Pad™, now each student can practice intradermal, subcutaneous, intramuscular, z-track, and many other injection techniques with their very own injection simulator.

The Practi-Mini Injecta Pad™ measures 5”x5” providing plenty of surface area for students to practice skin puncture resistance and tissue displacement on both the top, and bottom of the pad. At 2-1/2” thick, and plump with Wallcur’s exclusive filling, your students will experience the “feeling” of aspiration tension, so vital when mastering I.M. injection techniques. In addition, this thickness provides the opportunity for practice with a variety of different needle lengths.

Help your students overcome the natural fears associated with giving injections. Building muscle memory and mastering injection techniques go hand-in-hand as the more opportunities they have to practice, the more confident they will become.

Watch your students’ confidence, and competence, improve as they hone their injection technique skills, safely, with Practi-Mini Injecta Pad™.

For simulation practice only.

Set of 2

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