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Practi-Value Pack #1™ (for training)

Practi-Value Pack #1™ (for training)

$ 999.00

Our Practi-Value Pack #1 is one of the easiest and most cost effective way to buy supplies for your lab or simulation center. This cost effective bundle provides many of our current best selling Practi-Products as well as the most important Practi-Medications you need for student readiness.

As an added bonus, order now and receive 9 of our Practi-Teaching Modules™ absolutely FREE! Our Practi-Teaching Module CD 9-Pack offers extensive Q&A’s to help educators teach and test critical skills and will help your student groups learn faster, and master key skill criteria.

The New Practi-Value Pack #1 Includes:

  • Practi-2 mL Mini Tint Vials (Box of 40)
  • Practi-3 mL Mini Tint Vials (Box of 40)
  • Practi-10 mL Vials (Box of 30)
  • Practi-20 mL Vials (Box of 30)
  • Practi-Dantroln Powder (Box of 20)
  • Practi-Dopamn Labels (Set of 100)
  • Practi-Furosemide Vials (Box of 30)
  • Practi-Ipatropum Inhalers (Set of 5)
  • Practi-Lanox Amps (Box of 100)
  • Practi-Mini Anatomical Templates (Set of 6)
  • Practi-Mini Injecta Pad (Set of 2)
  • Practi-Powder White (Box of 30)
  • Practi-Procanamd Labels (Set of 100)
  • Practi-SimSkin (One each)
  • Practi-Vasoprsn Labels (Set of 100)
  • Practi-Vecuronium Bromide Vials (Box of 30)
  • Disposable Stethoscope (One each)
  • Practi-Teaching Module CD 9-Pack



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